Saturday, 27 February 2010


Hi friends,

Just to let you know the recent hour long debate on the rapture between Dr. Richard Kent and myself is now available on DVD.

Just click on the link to the left and you'll be taken to the dvd site.
Each DVD is £5 including postage. If you want both DVDs you can have them for £8.50 includes postage.

We did an internet search for a DVD debate on the timing of the rapture and came up blank.
These may be the only rapture debates available on DVD.


Anonymous said...

There is no one anywhere in the world that ever holds anything against another person that tries to make am honest living, providing that while we are engaged in that process we do not harm our fellow creatures either emotionally or psychically. So your selling DVDs of your pre-tribulation debate has fully answered my question as to the reasoning behind your second debate, and that appears to be make a little money and at the same time keep us up to date on the rapture debate, but not of necessity in that order. Good for you go, for it, there is nothing wrong with that at all, we all have to eat. May I also apologize and withdraw my previous comments particularly the portion whereby I denigrated your true Christianity, sorry my friend.

Bob Mitchell said...

Apology problem. As for making a living out of selling dvds for £5 including the postage you have to be kidding.
You try living on what's left out of a fiver after you have copied, printed, packaged,run into town and posted a dvd.

I do it for the love of it and simply to cover costs.

I did not ask for a second debate (I think I have stated this before)
but I was not going to back out of it, that's for sure.

I believe in a post trib rapture and I believe the pre has not one verse to support it.

If the paying for a dvd concerns you at all just send me your address and I'll mail it for free.

Anonymous said...

Bob M
SURELY you can see that a certain double minded Anonymous is non other than Robert Muir? SURELY you can see that he is playing a very twisted game with you mate?

Bob Mitchell said...

I shalln't say how but I am sure many of you are aware that if this is the case there are very easy ways to find out.
I say no more but thanks.

Robert Muir said...

It would seem that I may be upsetting some of the bloggers that come here with my remarks relative to what I see as world events unfolding relative to Bible prophecy.

However, it cannot be helped if there are some that believe in the pre tribulation theory to such an extent that even though events are no moving at an astounding rate towards the end they still have not be taken up into Heaven without dying, as they will not for some time to come.

Accordingly if I am frightening a certain group of Christian people that have been falsely indoctrinated into an event that simply will not come to pass in the interim that is unfortunate.

Facts are facts, and apart from the time that I indulge in a slight amount of speculation - most of what I have presented here is taken directly from the news headlines and Bible prophecies and can mostly be relied upon to be accurate.

That being the case unless one is residing in a lunatic asylum and has not had contact with the outside world for a long time one can very easily see the massive amount of natural disasters (and other events) that have been taking place of recent times and how close to the beginning of the tribulation period we are.

Accordingly it is useless for those that believe in the pre-tribulation theory of the Rapture to continue on as they are for they do so at their own detriment.

The best part though is that even though the seven year treaty of Daniel Chapter 9 Verse 27 may be signed within a few months there are still going to be masses and masses of Christians who are even going to deny such an event has taken place and as a consequence will worship the Beast and take the mark of the False Prophet.

Subsequently while protesting their innocence and claiming to be Christians as they go there are so many that are hell bound.

Anonymous said...

My name is allan and i Live in america in Ohio
and I have to ask you have probably studied more than me on this topic but how dangerous do you think the pre trib teaching is. I have found that all of the christian cults are exposing the pre trib rapture and are gaining converts because of it. It bothers me because not one church were I live has this view and I feel like I should just shut my mouth. Im slightly concerned

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